Thursday, May 28, 2009

a glimpse of weeks 10 & 11 . . .

Getting ready to swim with our friends at the Webster's. . . Thanks Mimi for the cute speedo! Mommy loves it!
Mommy wanted me to wear a white t-shirt with my speedo, but the only one she could find was the one given to us by the hospital where I was born. As you can see, I've grown a bit since birth. Hard to believe this T used to be big on me!! :)Mrs. Jen took pictures of Mommy and I in the pool, but we didn't have any on our camera. We did, however, take a few shots after our swim. . . It was cold but really fun! I love the water!
This is a bathtub the Wright's got me. It's really comfy, but I almost drown in it the first time I used it. I didn't cry, but it scared Mommy so bad she decided not to let me try it again until I'm able to sit on my own.
She did, however, let me sit in it with no water while I was helping Daddy clean out the garage.
This is my Dad and I. Everyone says I look just like him. Mommy thinks this photo proves it.
These are beautiful flowers Daddy picked for Mommy from our garden. He's teaching me how to be an incredible husband!
Every Tuesday we play with our friends. It's become one of our favorite days of the week!
The big kids were blowing bubbles. I was fascinated!

Briley loves to kiss me, but not as much as Mommy!


John, Angela, and Briley Barker said...

So sweet - what a big boy in that little white t-shirt! Be ready, Briley is loading up some more kisses:)

Michael, Adrian, Cole said...

Love the speedo! He's just a doll...growing up so fast :) We'll be on vaca this next week, but hope to see you again soon!