Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dinner with the Websters, My First Haircut, Waving Bye-Bye

Friday night we had dinner with our friends the Websters.
Lydia thinks I'm a puppy dog. :)

Daddy decided to let Mommy cut the ten long hairs on top of my head, but he made her save them in a baggy. He's going to give them to my wife one day. :)

Saying "Hi" with my hands! :)
Boy sounds and learning to stand

Friday, October 23, 2009


Mimi and Popi took me to Cracker Barrel for breakfast this morning and bought me this adorable horse costume. Mommy LOVES IT!!

Uncle Eric let me borrow his phone, so I could text my girlfriend and tell her all about it. :)
Mommy and I met Daddy downtown for lunch. He wanted me to wear my horsey, so he could see it. Everyone in his office loved it! :)

We had lunch in the park. Such a beautiful day!! We were sad to take Daddy back to work, but were thankful that in a few hours we'll have him for the WhOLE weekend! :)

Our busy morning really wore me out. . . I'm napping now, so I'll have enough energy to hang out with the Websters tonight! :)

Well, that was a short nap. . . 20 minutes and I'm ready to play!! :) Mommy's camera happy today! ;)

My mommy sings the craziest songs. . . She doesn't know very many lyrics so she either sings the same line over and over or she makes them up. I laugh to humor her! :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Intro to Animals :)

I spent the day with Mommy and Aunt Rachel.

We stopped to see Grams on her break.

Mommy doesn't really like animals (for multiple reasons), but Aunt Rachel loves them and is determined to pass that love on to me. Though Mommy doesn't approve of physical interaction with Aunt Rachel's animals yet (or any animals for that matter), she was quite amused by my reaction to them today. . .

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

another day with Jonah :)

Mommy used Daddy's gel this morning to fix my hair like a rock star. Then she stripped me naked and took lots of pictures. She has a sick obsession with my rolls! :)
CrAzY KrAmEr HaIr! :)
It was a beautiful day today! Mommy and I wanted to go to the pumpkin patch so I dressed like a hillbilly, but we decided on the way there that we'd wait till Daddy could join us. We settled for a walk in the park. It was LOTS of fun!


I learned to stick my tongue out today. Mommy couldn't get me to open my mouth at lunch, so she made crazy faces (hoping I'd mimic them so she could shove food in). I didn't copy them when she wanted me to, but I remembered how to do it and showed Daddy when he got home. I stuck my tongue out over and over. He laughed so hard! He thinks I look like KISS (a scary rockstar).

Monday, October 19, 2009

Jonah in AcTiOn

Telling Mommy about my day with Daddy while she was in class. . .
I'm becoming proficient at "P" sounds as you can see in the video above. . .

And this is a video of Daddy and I swimming at our hotel in Virginia. :)
Here's a glimpse of our first family road trip. Mommy was driving, and Daddy and I were hanging on for dear life. :)

Random. . .

These are pictures from a couple weeks ago. Mommy was so busy working on assignments for school she didn't have a chance to post.

Return of the hawk! :)

Monkey kisses . . .
Nose kisses :)
This is my Aunt Sarah. . . as you can see, I get my RiGhT dimple from her! :)

These were taken at Uncle Kyle's 30th birthday party. He's one of the OLDEST people I KNOW!! :)
Aunt Molly, Daddy and I . . .
One of Mommy's favorite smiles. . .

My pouty face :(

This pic was taken this morning. . . Mommy packed my duck full of toys, put on my snow hat, and pulled me around the house. We were pretending it was a dog sled! :) As you can see, my duck is quite versatile. . . :)