Wednesday, October 21, 2009

another day with Jonah :)

Mommy used Daddy's gel this morning to fix my hair like a rock star. Then she stripped me naked and took lots of pictures. She has a sick obsession with my rolls! :)
CrAzY KrAmEr HaIr! :)
It was a beautiful day today! Mommy and I wanted to go to the pumpkin patch so I dressed like a hillbilly, but we decided on the way there that we'd wait till Daddy could join us. We settled for a walk in the park. It was LOTS of fun!


I learned to stick my tongue out today. Mommy couldn't get me to open my mouth at lunch, so she made crazy faces (hoping I'd mimic them so she could shove food in). I didn't copy them when she wanted me to, but I remembered how to do it and showed Daddy when he got home. I stuck my tongue out over and over. He laughed so hard! He thinks I look like KISS (a scary rockstar).

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Michael, Adrian, Cole said...

Such sweet pics. This may sound crazy, but I miss those little overalls...they were one of my favorites for Cole :) I've got more 12 month things whenever you'd like them (a denim jacket, etc.)

For the farm, we visit Bottom View in Portland. It's very similar to Honeysuckle Hill (we've been there too), but Bottom View is closer and cheaper. Can't wait to hear about your family fall day as well!