Monday, October 12, 2009

Liberty University- The Drive :)

We traveled to Lynchburg, VA yesterday for Mommy's intensive week at Liberty. It was our first family road trip, and it was surprisingly successful! I did SO WELL! We were on the road for 9 1/2 hours, and we were all smiling when we reached our destination! :) Liberty's campus is miles long. Here's a glimpse of the view from our hotel window (lots of fog so you can't see the mountains in the distance). We'll post more pictures throughout the week.
It's gorgeous here, mountains everywere, the chill of autumn in the air. . .
Daddy put me on the luggage cart, and I almost crawled off head first. It rEaLLy scared me (as well as Mommy)! Daddy loves my pouty lip. I'm smiling like Mommy in this picture. . . see my scrunched nose? :)

Daddy got tired of driving, so he let me take the wheel. . . :)
Our windshield was SO DiRtY I could hardly see the road!! More to come. . . ;)

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Michael, Adrian, Cole said...

What sweet pictures! Glad that Jonah has enjoyed his first road trip. Cole was about the same age (6 months) when we took our first road Gulf Shores. We were also blessed with a GREAT little traveler :-)
Enjoy your week!