Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nashville Zoo

Today we went to the zoo with our friends Kristen and Lydia and cousins Bethany and Caiden. Mimi and Popi's neighbor gave us season passes, so this was the first of many times we'll be going this year I'm sure. We had SO MUCH FUN!! :)

We saw our friends Adrian and Cole at the zoo and found out they have passes too. Hopefully we'll go with them sometime soon! :)

This is Mommy's friend, Shannon, from Teen Mania and her daughter, Eden. We bumped into them at the zoo. Shannon lives in Nashville, but she and Mommy hadn't seen each other for over 5 years! Hopefully, we'll have a play date with them soon!

The petting zoo freaked Mommy out a bit. . .
The goats were too close for comfort!
Goodbye Kisses :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Test Results

I just received a call from Jonah's pediatrician. He's PERFECT! There's no defect whatsoever in his bladder, kidneys, valves, or urethra. We're so relieved! She said if he has another UTI, she'll refer us to a urologist to check and possibly touch up his circumcision. Oh the things will do differently with baby boy #2 (if God graces our home in that manner). We love you ALL! Thank you for the prayers you've whispered for our family!

Monday, March 29, 2010

VCUG & Jonah's Big Fall

Jonah had the dreaded VCUG test at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital this afternoon. I have agonized over this test for weeks and had knots in my stomach for at least 24 hours prior. I'm so thankful it's over! Jonah was brave and resilient! It was obviously scary and uncomfortable. He cried a lot, primarily due to being restrained on the table, I think, but our nurses were kind, patient and gentle.

This is Jonah just before the test in his little, yellow hospital gown. We kept it as a souvenir.

And this is Jonah post test. As you can see, his smile quickly returned! :)
Grams and Mimi
The hospital is a work of art, almost like an amusement park, created specifically for kids. These pictures were taken in the courtyard.

While walking in the courtyard, Jonah tripped and fell directly on his teeth! I have it all on camera. It was the most agonizing moment to watch! His lip immediately began to swell and bleed. I freaked!! I ran into the lobby desperately searching for a doctor. I was sure he needed stitches. Allen, his parents and my mom followed me in and attempted to calm me and convince me nursing was all he needed. Allen and I took him to the bathroom, washed him off and I nursed him. It did make it better. But his poor little upper lip is huge!! Thank God he still has his front teeth! It's truly a modern day miracle! UgH! What a day!!

His lip, post fall. . . sorry about the cookie in his mouth. Kind of gross. :)

Sleeping in the car after a day of trauma!
We decided ice cream at Chick-fil-a would be a nice way to end the day on a happy note.
You can really see the swelling on Jonah's top lip in these pictures. Breaks my heart!

And this is a video of Jonah on an ice cream sugar high! :)

We should receive the results of the VCUG from our pediatrician tomorrow. I'll post as soon as I hear.