Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Test Results

I just received a call from Jonah's pediatrician. He's PERFECT! There's no defect whatsoever in his bladder, kidneys, valves, or urethra. We're so relieved! She said if he has another UTI, she'll refer us to a urologist to check and possibly touch up his circumcision. Oh the things will do differently with baby boy #2 (if God graces our home in that manner). We love you ALL! Thank you for the prayers you've whispered for our family!


Lisa said...

Praise the Lord!!That is awesome news!!

Adrian said...

Praise the Lord!

*Saw the fall in the previous post. Welcome to the world of little boys :) Cole has actually avoided any major scrapes and bruises over these past three years. . I'm sure there's more to come and I'll probably freak every time :)