Monday, May 31, 2010

Our Memorial Day

We had an eventful Memorial Day. It began at Nani and Gumpy's. We gathered there to celebrate Aunt B's 40th birthday! :) Then we headed to Aunt Linda's for a cookout!

Force feeding the first bite. . . probably not great parenting, but it seems to work. :)Football, the all-American sport (a must on Memorial Day) :)

I'm not used to having such a big yard to play in!! :) It was so much FUN!

This is my Nani G! :)

Such a BOY! I love the dirt!

Nani G, Gumpy G and me. . . (and their furry babies)

Rescuing the LadderBall from the tree!

Mommy's top 2 favorite people:

Texting my girlfriend
Flirting with the camera! ;)

My silly laugh (Mommy's favorite)

Mimi's Horse!

I've been riding Mimi's horse (her knees) for months and today she bought me an upgrade!! :) I'm a true Southern Boy now! :)

I pretended to be a cowboy but wasn't too fond of the bandanna! :)

Saturday Night with Adeline

Saturday night we went to the Johnson's for dinner! We had SO MUCH FUN! Mrs. Lindsey is the best cook in the world! :)

And I took my first friend bath. :)

Adeline has a huge crush on my Daddy! I think he secretly likes her just as much (ok, not so secretly)! :)

Sitting in the Bumbo for old times sake! :)

Zoo with Dawson

We had lots of fun with Cousin Dawson at the zoo on Saturday! We played on a huge playground and saw lots of animals! We pretended like we were brothers! :)

A bird bit Dawson's arm! :)