Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Days of Jonah

This is one of Mommy's favorite pictures of me looking up at Daddy. . .

For the most part, I'm an extremely obedient boy (considering I'm under 10 months old and have only a minimal grasp of the English language). I read Mommy and Daddy's body language quite well and often steer clear of the things they discourage from touching; however, sometimes when they tell me "no" they do it with smiles on their faces and it confuses me. I think it's a game so I give them a teethy grin, giggle, or stick out my tongue to let them know I'm enjoying it. Such was the case yesterday. Mommy repeatedly said "no" to the fireplace, outlets, and candles. I thought she was playing because she kept laughing at the silly faces I'd make when she scolded me. It wasn't until she put my hands in monkey jail that I realized she was serious!!

These mittens Aunt Rachel gave me have no fingers. I can't do a thing when they're on except sit and pray Mommy will have mercy on me and take them off. :)
Mommy thinks I have a servant's heart (just like Daddy). When she works around the house, I'd rather help than play with my toys. She thinks I'll make an incredible husband one day (but is hesitant to vocalize it because she's not keen on the idea of sharing me with another woman). :)
PS. I now have 5.5 teeth. 4 on top, 1 1/2 on the bottom!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Crazy, cRaZy Christmas Day. . . :)

Bare with us, this is a lengthy picture blog. . . We celebrated at 3 houses Christmas Day. :)

The first pictures you'll see were taken by our cousin Emily. She did such an amazing job of capturing the magic of our time together. . . We celebrated at Aunt Lisa and Uncle Mike's (with our Willis family), actually our 3rd and final stop of the day (should have posted these at the end, but they're so good we wanted them to be at the beginning!)

1st stop:
Nani G and Gumpy G's for a huge Christmas breakfast!! Nani G made me a beautiful book. . . Every page was creatively composed to teach me essential life skills (like tying shoe laces, buttoning, zipping, writing, snapping, counting. . .). We were blown away by the intricate detail and heart she poured into this piece! It will be an heirloom for sure!! Thanks Nani G!!

Lips like my Dad's! :)

Nani G and me. . . :)

Drooling on Daddy's leg. . .
I crawled on Popi's shoulder and took a little nap. . . All the Christmas chaos really wore me out!
2nd stop:
Gram's and Grandad's for lunch. We were sad that Nannie and Pa were too sick to make it. It didn't feel like Christmas without them. . .

Nannie and Pa, Daddy videotaped me opening my present. He's going to download it to a DVD so you can see how much I enjoyed the bike you bought me!! :)

It was so much fun celebrating with my Green family (they aren't really green, that's just their last name). :)

Aunt Rachel bought me lots of monkey stuff. . . all of which Mommy loves! :) For some reason she finds monkeys endearing.

Grams and Grandad bought me a train that teaches me the alphabet. It's SO much fun to play with!! I can even ride it all by myself!

3rd stop:
Aunt Lisa and Uncle Mike's to celebrate with our Willis Family! My cousin Caiden was there. We had so much fun together!

This is my Aunt Lisa, we sang patty cake . . . one of my favorite songs.

Crazy Uncle Ebic! (whom I adore)