Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Party and Nannie and Pa's

Saturday, Grams and Grandad took me to a company Christmas party where I met Santa and Mrs. Claus for the first time. Honestly, I found them a bit frightening. . . :) We had a great time though. I got a present and met lots of Grams coworkers. Then we stopped by Nannie and Pa's . . . a surprise visit! Nannie was excited to see me. Pa was grocery shopping (guess we should have called ahead). In the picture below, Nannie was showing me a picture of my Mommy and I. :)
I love my Nannie!! :)

And this is my Grandad! I was so excited to spend the morning with him. :)

This is my Grams. . . Mommy thinks our face shapes look really similar in this picture!
I love Grams!
This is my Dad's hat. . . Mommy put it on me, says it makes me look like a hippy! :) She's obsessed with hats for some reason. I humor her. :)

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