Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy biRtHdAy, GRAMS! :)

Tonight we celebrated Grams! It's her 49th birthday, definitely cause to party!!
Grams told a story that Aunt Rachel misinterpreted (a pretty regular occurrence) . . . it made all of us laugh! (we'll spare you the details) :)
This is my Aunt Sarah and Cousin Dawson. . .

Grams with her boys.
Aunt Rachel reading Grams birthday card (because she's too old to see in dim lighting) :)
This is Grams, my aunts, cousin Dawson, and Gram's best friend Rhonda (this party originated with her! So glad she had the idea). . . and of course Mommy and me. . . I had to hold my cousin Dawson down so he would stay in the picture. It was difficult for him to sit still. :)

We love Grams!!

And we're so glad she was born! If not, none of us would be here!! (pretty mind blowing when you think about it!) :)

Cheers to all that has been and all that's yet to come!! :)

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