Monday, June 28, 2010

Nashville Shores

Grams' company picnic was today at Nashville Shores. She had tickets for the entire family!! It was such a magical place. . . Water and fountains and slides galore!! There was even a whale!! :) It was SO MUCH FUN!!
Pictures with whales are inevitable when your name is Jonah (and your Mommy is camera happy)
We decided this was the kick off of Mommy's Birthday Week! We like to celebrate for days on end around here. . . :)

Cousin Dawson and Uncle David. . .

My Aunt Sarah
My silly cousin! He makes me laugh so hard!!

Cheers to family fun!! What a special day!!
PS: We posted several blogs tonight. . . playing catch up. You should check them out! :)

Jack and Caleb

Me and my Hyde cousins :) . . . Aren't they cute?!
Jack on the left, Caleb on the right.
Nani G with Caleb.
Jack, stealing my Popi.
I can't wait till they're old enough to play with me!!! :)

Jim and Nicks

Jim and Nicks with Mommy and Daddy on Saturday. . . sleeping.Cheering for the US, even though they (I mean we) didn't "pull it out" . . . I think that's what you say when someone loses. Still learning my sports lingo (and so is Mommy). ;)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Greatest Dad EVER!

Lots of people CLAIM to have the best Dad in the world, but mine tops them ALL!! :)

HaPpY FaThEr'S DaY, DADDY! :)
So glad God gave me you. . .

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Meet Henry. ;)He's my new turtle. . . one Daddy hit with his car this morning and decided to keep. :)
Mommy says he's the closest thing to a pet I'll ever have. She's not fond of animals, reptiles, amphibians, or insects. . .
Much to Mommy's dismay I'm bold with Henry. . . I love to touch him, poke at his face, pick him up. . . She's so scared he'll turn into a snapping turtle and hurt me!
Watering Henry's new home with Daddy.
We dedicated an area of our front garden to him, complete with a little pool of water and strawberries. :) Turtles do eat strawberries, don't they?! ;)
PS: Don't forget to check the previous post. . 2 in one night! :)

Briley Day

On Monday my friend, Briley, came over to play while her Daddy met with clients in his office. We had lots of fun (between cat fights over toys)! :)

Hard to believe by our statures that there's 9 months between us, isn't it?! :)

I'm still learning to share. . . Mommy said it was quite obvious I was an only child during our time together and pledged to do something about that VERY soon! ;)

Briley wanted to wear my hat. . .

So I wore her bow. ;) (it made me very happy as you can see)
Monday night we went to Briley's house to hang out with her and Mrs. Angela while Daddy taught a New Testament class at Bethel. It was so much fun! We failed to get pictures. . . We did however get a video that entirely captured my unpretty side (yes, quite surprisingly to all who observed- I have one). We'll spare you the shrill screaming! ;)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pure Joy

We spent our night at the Streets of Indian Lake playing in the fountains. It was magical!

I was mesmerized at first by the dancing water and all the kids. It took me a second to warm up to the idea of jumping in.

See my Daddy eating dinner in the background??

After a few minutes, I decided to get my feet wet. . .
It was quite exciting as you can see!! :)

A couple seconds later I was drenched head to toe and loving every minute!!

Mommy and Daddy have never seen me so excited and full of JoY! You would have thought they took me to Disney World! :)

The Streets will definitely be a regular family outing for us this summer! :)
Nothing like free FUN!!

I drank as much of the water as possible. :)

Mommy says I look like Daddy in this picture! :)

In other news, I spent the night with Mimi last night and she gave me a MUCH NEEDED hair cut! MoMmY LOVES IT!! And so does Daddy, though he says it makes me look a bit too mature. :)
I've been rather fascinated with hats lately, so Daddy bought me my first baseball cap tonight at Gymboree. It has a monkey on it, quite appropriate don't you think?!
It makes me look SO OLD! :)
And HaPpY BIRTHDAY to my Mimi!! :) 40 years young! ;) We LOVE YoU! :)