Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Briley Day

On Monday my friend, Briley, came over to play while her Daddy met with clients in his office. We had lots of fun (between cat fights over toys)! :)

Hard to believe by our statures that there's 9 months between us, isn't it?! :)

I'm still learning to share. . . Mommy said it was quite obvious I was an only child during our time together and pledged to do something about that VERY soon! ;)

Briley wanted to wear my hat. . .

So I wore her bow. ;) (it made me very happy as you can see)
Monday night we went to Briley's house to hang out with her and Mrs. Angela while Daddy taught a New Testament class at Bethel. It was so much fun! We failed to get pictures. . . We did however get a video that entirely captured my unpretty side (yes, quite surprisingly to all who observed- I have one). We'll spare you the shrill screaming! ;)


Nikiyah said...

ha! I laughed when i saw the pic of Jonah and the "bow"..thats Classic Jess! you MUST keep that for his wedding day..lol

Amber said...


Adrian said...

I love how they are the same size :) Cole actually isn't much bigger. . . ha! I TOTALLY know what you mean about the 'selfish-only-child' behavior. We're hoping to remedy that soon at our home as well! :)

Lindsey said...

hahaha! You got a bow in the blog after all! He just looks so big.