Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fun with Mimi and Popi

This morning, Mimi and Popi came over to help with a few household projects and brought lots of fun surprises. :)

A watering can, so I can help Daddy in the garden.

A pool!! Mommy had one just like this when she was a little girl. So many memories. . .

We inflated the whale sprinkler the Easter Bunny gave me and put it in the water. It was so much fun! :)
Mommy likes to see Dad and Popi together; they're two of a kind (the best kind I might add)! :)

Mommy and Daddy took me to Cracker Barrel this morning for breakfast. The cashier conned them into buying me a bubble blower. Seeing how much joy it brought me quickly caused their buyers remorse to fade! :)

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Adrian said...

What fun indeed! We too were 'suckered' into buying a bubble blower from Cracker Barrel - luckily Nana was with us and did all the purchasing :) Cole LOVES it!
The whale sprinkler is too cute. . . we may be stopping by! :)

I also love the new blog background - the fish are adorable!