Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pure Joy

We spent our night at the Streets of Indian Lake playing in the fountains. It was magical!

I was mesmerized at first by the dancing water and all the kids. It took me a second to warm up to the idea of jumping in.

See my Daddy eating dinner in the background??

After a few minutes, I decided to get my feet wet. . .
It was quite exciting as you can see!! :)

A couple seconds later I was drenched head to toe and loving every minute!!

Mommy and Daddy have never seen me so excited and full of JoY! You would have thought they took me to Disney World! :)

The Streets will definitely be a regular family outing for us this summer! :)
Nothing like free FUN!!

I drank as much of the water as possible. :)

Mommy says I look like Daddy in this picture! :)

In other news, I spent the night with Mimi last night and she gave me a MUCH NEEDED hair cut! MoMmY LOVES IT!! And so does Daddy, though he says it makes me look a bit too mature. :)
I've been rather fascinated with hats lately, so Daddy bought me my first baseball cap tonight at Gymboree. It has a monkey on it, quite appropriate don't you think?!
It makes me look SO OLD! :)
And HaPpY BIRTHDAY to my Mimi!! :) 40 years young! ;) We LOVE YoU! :)


Amber said...

These pictures bring me "pure joy".
What an exciting event! You did a great job of capturing the moment. I feel like I was there with you.
I LOVE this thing called blogging!!

Jennifer MIllard said...

Wow! Joy is a perfect way to describe these pictures! Joy that overflows bc you cant help but smile when you see how much he was enjoying it!! Very priceless. Thanks for a good smile!!