Friday, August 28, 2009

More to LOVE

As of this morning, I am 18lbs 9oz and 26 in tall. . . :)
I'm in the 60th percentile for weight
and 23rd percentile for height.
Haven't you heard?
Short, white and chunky
is the NEW tall, dark and handsome! :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

more of Jonah :)

This is a new hat Mimi and Popi bought for me. . . Mommy and Daddy LOVE it!
Playing with Mimi
Patty Cake with Aunt Rachel
Playing with Grams . . . Mommy likes this picture because you can see my cRaZy chicken hair! :)
Mommy gets tired of driving, so she lets me take the wheel on occasion.

My new hat again. . .
Flirting with Mommy over Daddy's shoulder :)
Me in all my glory!
Mommy loves my rolls. . . I'm so cuddly!
Mr. John took this picture. He captured my crystal-blue eyes. Mommy loves this one!
Mr. John and Mrs. Angela invited Mommy and I to join them on their shopping excursion while Daddy rehearsed with the band at church. We had so much fun!
Mrs. Angela with Bri and I. . . she's practicing for baby #2! :)
I love to read. . . My attention span is relatively short so I rotate books quite often, as you can see. :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

BaBy LoVe

My friend, Lydia, stopped by to play with me this afternoon. We had so much fun!

Here are a few pics of me in my big boy clothes. Mommy thinks they make me look like a toddler. :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

rolling & crawling

I began to haphazardly roll over around 3 months of age, but Mommy didn't count it as a milestone because she didn't think I was cognitively aware of my feat. Since then, however, I have progressively shown signs of awareness and intent prior to my attempts so mom is ready to officially declare that I am rolling over! She caught it on camera this morning while we were playing!

Mommy caught me in crawling position today, and it shocked her! She's not ready for the mobility phase of my development yet. She's happy with the safety of sitting in one spot, but I'm ready to move so I'm working really hard to build my muscles and master my crawling form. Put your running shoes on, Mom! You'll need them much sooner than you thought!

As you may have noticed, Mommy and I discovered a fast way to download videos to our blog from our new computer, so you'll be seeing lots more of me in the days to come. :)

bathing in the deep end


Mommy has been watching videos of my first days all morning and can't believe how quickly I evolved. 5 1/2 months added about 12 pounds and 6 inches to my frame. Here's a glimpse of the light-torture-therapy I was subjected to due to my bilirubin levels at birth. Look how tiny I was!

lots of giggles

Grams bought me my first ball. It made me giggle uncontrollably. Who knew $2.50 could bring so much joy?

Monday, August 24, 2009

alligator tears.

Jonah is officially constipated. 48 hours, no movement from a baby who typically soils at least three diapers a day (too much information, I know). Mr. Google just informed me that every food I’ve introduced thus far contributed to his problem. Who knew that rice cereal, bananas, carrots, and applesauce could so profoundly disrupt the digestive system? I miss the breast-milk-only-diet. So simple. So fool proof. I should have listened to Allen and waited till month 6. What was my hurry? Alligator tears and shrill cries instigated by an aching tummy are heart wrenching. I attempted a thermometer-enema, suggested by Jonah’s doctor in passing at his first check up. No success. I’m planning to offer him diluted prune juice tomorrow and breast-milk only until things return to normal and I build the courage to try this food-thing again.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009

a day with Mommy's family. . .

My cousin Dawson plays baseball for a city league. His first game was scheduled for tonight but was canceled due to rain. We were really disappointed. I wore my baseball jersey which just happens to be his teams colors, and he let me wear his cap. I felt like I was on his team! We're looking forward to cheering him on soon!

Aunt Rachel spent the day with Mommy and I. We had brunch at Cracker Barrel where I sat in a high chair for the very first time! Mommy thought it made me look so old!!

Aunt Rachel let Mommy and I drive her car. It's so sporty it makes us feel young and free!