Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Caiden! :)

After our picnic breakfast Saturday morning, Daddy cut my nails while I pondered the meaning of life. . .My Daddy's arms are yummy!We celebrated my cousin Caiden's first birthday this weekend. I bought him a drum and lots of instruments. He loved it and so did I! :)This is my Aunt Molly. . . She makes me smile!And this is my Uncle Eric. Lots of people say I look like him when he was a baby.This is Aunt Lisa and Caiden. . . In this picture, Caiden's commenting on my huge muscles, and I'm flirting with the ladies!This is my Grandma Willis. . . :)Mommy thinks I look SO OLD in this picture. . .And this is my Popi. For some reason Mimi took all my clothes off. . . I was so embarassed!Mommy and I look angry in this picture, but we weren't . . . She was concerned about the Musgrove's drunk neighbor who was yelling at his family and kicking his dog, and I was trying to figure out what my crazy Mimi was talking about. :)Daddy and I jumped on a trampoline at the party!Today, I pretended like my duck was a boat and piled it full of toys while Mommy folded laundry. Mommy loves this picture because I'm pinching the fat on my leg just like Daddy did when he was little! :)
Mommy just realized that every outfit I have on in these pictures was loaned to us by my friend Cole. . . Cole, if you're reading this, ThAnK YoU!! We deeply appreciate your generosity!!

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Michael, Adrian, Cole said...

YOUR WELCOME JONAH! (from Cole). When the weather gets cooler, I'll get back up in the attic and see what other goodies I can find for you to borrow. I'm so glad to see that they fit him perfectly!