Thursday, August 20, 2009

a day with Mommy's family. . .

My cousin Dawson plays baseball for a city league. His first game was scheduled for tonight but was canceled due to rain. We were really disappointed. I wore my baseball jersey which just happens to be his teams colors, and he let me wear his cap. I felt like I was on his team! We're looking forward to cheering him on soon!

Aunt Rachel spent the day with Mommy and I. We had brunch at Cracker Barrel where I sat in a high chair for the very first time! Mommy thought it made me look so old!!

Aunt Rachel let Mommy and I drive her car. It's so sporty it makes us feel young and free!


Michael, Adrian, Cole said...

I agree with you...he looks so big in that highchair! It's such a mix of emotions as they grow. Sad because of the time that has passed, but also joy at all the new fun things to do and explore!
Can't wait to see more pics as he cheers for Dawson at the ballpark :)

John, Angela, and Briley Barker said...

So fun! I know he was the best 'cheerleader' from the side. The highchairs at Cracker Barrel are our favorite. The slide on the floor and make such a fun game:) He's growing up so fast!