Monday, August 24, 2009

alligator tears.

Jonah is officially constipated. 48 hours, no movement from a baby who typically soils at least three diapers a day (too much information, I know). Mr. Google just informed me that every food I’ve introduced thus far contributed to his problem. Who knew that rice cereal, bananas, carrots, and applesauce could so profoundly disrupt the digestive system? I miss the breast-milk-only-diet. So simple. So fool proof. I should have listened to Allen and waited till month 6. What was my hurry? Alligator tears and shrill cries instigated by an aching tummy are heart wrenching. I attempted a thermometer-enema, suggested by Jonah’s doctor in passing at his first check up. No success. I’m planning to offer him diluted prune juice tomorrow and breast-milk only until things return to normal and I build the courage to try this food-thing again.


deborah kinnett said...

jessi jaden has the same thinig and its nthing to do with his age jaden will be 1 on saturday and he does it every few days i give hom pruine juice and it really helps it scared me when he gets this way he will scream for hours once he did it from midnight till 5 am very hurtful for him i know

Michael, Adrian, Cole said...

We're actually in the midst of that at our home too. It's crazy trying to get the diet right and notice foods that don't agree with their little systems.
You're doing a great job! Hang in there!