Tuesday, August 25, 2009

rolling & crawling

I began to haphazardly roll over around 3 months of age, but Mommy didn't count it as a milestone because she didn't think I was cognitively aware of my feat. Since then, however, I have progressively shown signs of awareness and intent prior to my attempts so mom is ready to officially declare that I am rolling over! She caught it on camera this morning while we were playing!

Mommy caught me in crawling position today, and it shocked her! She's not ready for the mobility phase of my development yet. She's happy with the safety of sitting in one spot, but I'm ready to move so I'm working really hard to build my muscles and master my crawling form. Put your running shoes on, Mom! You'll need them much sooner than you thought!

As you may have noticed, Mommy and I discovered a fast way to download videos to our blog from our new computer, so you'll be seeing lots more of me in the days to come. :)


Holy Cow! Canada said...

Only you would use the words "cognitively aware." I love reading your blog. Jonah has such beautiful blue eyes!

Michael, Adrian, Cole said...

Yep...running shoes are in your near future. It's amazing how fast those hands and knees can take them :) So many milestones in one day!!