Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shots Today :(

It was a bit of a rough day. . . 12 month shots (3 months late). It started with a finger prick to test my iron counts (which are perfect by the way). Then they pinned me down and injected me with horrible diseases (we decided not to take pictures of that part, too traumatic).

They said I'm growing well, though you wouldn't think so by the change in my percentiles.

I weigh 21 lbs 15 oz/ 20th percentile
(I weighed 18 lbs 9 oz at 6 months if that puts it in perspective)
I'm 30.5 in long/ 40th percentile
And my head is 18in/ 60th percentile

Sounds like I'm oddly proportioned on paper, but Mommy says I'm perfect! ;)

The doctor showed Mommy my growth chart today, which stated I was overweight when I was solely nursing. Now that I'm walking and eating solids (in a finicky manner), I'm underweight. Oh, well. . . The doctor didn't seem alarmed, so we aren't either. :)

We stopped by Dairy Queen afterward to celebrate my bravery!! ;)

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Amber said...

That's the most pitiful tale I have ever read. Where was his MiMi and PoPi??? They could have made it all better. Tell Jonah MiMi and PoPi are going to buy him a swimming pool this weekend because he was such a big boy.