Friday, December 4, 2009

Oh, Christmas Tree. . .

Mommy and I have been planning all week and working all day to make tonight exciting and memorable. The menu of course is a vital element in any celebration, so after much consideration we decided to make

Lamb with plum sauce,
asparagus, and mashed potatoes for the entree,
and crumb cake and Wassail for dessert.

This gourmet-size-task was a bit daunting for Mommy and I. We pretty much have the same level of expertise in the kitchen so the odds were against us, but thanks to our CrockPot (which Mom has fallen head-over-heals in love with this week, her latest obsession) we were able to pull it off! :)

This is our sacrificial lamb. . . It scared both of us.
Raw meat is so gross. Mommy had to touch it (her least favorite part)!
Our lamb and plum sauce prior to cooking. . . (We took pictures every step of the way to prove that we did in fact cook. . . I mean really cook! We're pretty proud of our accomplishment as you'll see). :)
Our lamb after. . . YUM!!!

Daddy was quite impressed! This is actually the 3rd big meal Mommy's cooked this week. He loves this side of her! :)
WASSAIL!! Our new beverage of choice for the holidays!
Mommy dressed me in my Santa suit. She thought it was fitting for the occasion. :)

As you can see, Mommy followed me around the house snapping hundreds of pictures while I was wearing that silly outfit. :)
Daddy FINALLY got home and (as Mommy predicted) LOVED my Santa suit!
I LOVE MY DADDY!! I get so excited when he comes home from work!!

I was fussy after dinner, so Mommy bathed me while Daddy got the tree out of the attic.
Wassail!! :) (Mommy and Daddy didn't share)
I helped Daddy adjust the branches on our tree.

I thought this ornament was a baseball. . .
it shattered as soon as I threw it! :)
All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth. . . :) (can you see them popping through??)
Cheers to love, family moments, and memories we'll cherish for a lifetime!


Michael, Adrian, and Cole said...

What a delicious meal and fun evening! I'm coming to your house! :)
Don't you love how simple things become so special when sharing them with your child? Every moment becomes a treasured memory etched on our hearts forever.

**By the way, I LOVE my slow cooker too...I've got some GREAT recipes to share!

John, Angela, and Briley Barker said...

Oh my gosh, Betty Crocker, please come to my house!!!! I'm so impressed with your mad cooking skills. I wouldn't even know what lamb looked like at the store, LOL! Glad you guys had a very memorable night and Jonah got to throw his first baseball ornament:) Love you!!