Sunday, December 6, 2009

Willis Family Decorating. . .

Well, kind of- Mimi decorates, and we keep her company! :)

Every year we get together to decorate a tree at Mimi & Popi's house. It's an annual tradition (or at least that's what they tell me). It usually involves a tree farm, but Mimi talked herself out of it this year. . . We stayed home, put up the artificial, ordered pizza, made Wassail, watched a slide show of pics from Daddy's childhood and Home Alone. . . It was a great night! :)
Mommy loves my face in this pic! And the hat (some weird fetish she has these days). :)
We shaved Daddy's head! :) This is the first time Mommy and I have seen Daddy with no hair. We LOVE it! It's so fun to rub! :)
Uncle E!
Uncle E again. . . :)
Uncle Ebic preaching :)

Ebic and I are practicing the face of contemplation. . . we're pretty deep (the ladies love it!). :)

This is my first ornament on MiMi's tree. . . Oh, actually second; my first was last year while I was still in Mommy's tummy.
This is another ornament just for me!

Mimi decorating the tree. . . She's the creative master mind in the family!
Aunt Molly and my twin cousins (they're hiding under the blanket). :)

Playing with Popi :)

My first tooth popped through! Mommy's sad. . . feels like she's losing her baby.

See all my teeth?! A mouthful, ready to pop through!
All that partying really wore me out!!

Here's a glimpse of our family slideshow. . . these are pictures of pictures projected on the wall so they aren't the best quality, but they definitely preserve the memories! It was so fun to see my Daddy and Aunt Molly when they were kids! :)

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Michael, Adrian, and Cole said...

Yay for teeth! Hopefully they'll come through quickly so you won't have too many fussy nights :)
Love his outfit...even though it makes him look so BIG!