Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tuesday Play

We had a big day Tuesday. We played at Briley's house in the morning. Then went to Nannie and Pa's to help them decorate for Christmas. It was so much fun! :)

Nose. :)

This is Mr. John. We haven't seen him in a really long time, because he works crazy hours at the hospital. We were so glad he woke up for a bit to play with us! :)
Nannie and Pa have lots of fun toys at their house just for me! :)

Pa was making silly faces!
Nannie let me chew on one of her chairs. . . I've been working really hard to get teeth this week. It's pretty embarrassing when your friends have a mouth full and you have none! 3 have broken through in 4 days!! I have 2 top front and 1 bottom left. Mommy says I'm growing way too fast!

Mommy and I put up Nannie and Pa's Christmas tree. As you can see, I was a big help!!

Oh! And I almost forgot to mention, Tuesday was my 9 month birthday!! Mommy can't believe I've been out of her tummy as long as I was in! :)

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John, Angela, and Briley Barker said...

So sweet! We're glad you came by:) We should make a Tuesday AM date every week! And, I'm waaaay glad Jonah is 9 months out of the tummy - he's so fun on the outside, isn' the?