Wednesday, May 19, 2010


In the process of helping Uncle Ebic put together his senior table for graduation, we stumbled across these pictures of Daddy and Aunt Molly and couldn't resist posting them! The twins are scheduled to arrive Friday (we're all counting the hours), so pics of Aunt Molly are especially significant, and Mommy can't get over how much I look like Daddy!! :) These photos rode in Popi's wallet for years. . . that's why they look a bit worn :)

Daddy- 19 months
Aunt Molly- 3 1/2

Daddy- 27 months

Daddy-3 1/21988

Aunt Molly- Newborn

Aunt Molly- 3 months

Aunt Molly- 5 Months

Aunt Molly- 5 Months

Aunt Molly- 6 months Aunt Molly- 16 1/2 months Molly- 4 years old

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