Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nashville Zoo

Today we went to the zoo with our friends Kristen and Lydia and cousins Bethany and Caiden. Mimi and Popi's neighbor gave us season passes, so this was the first of many times we'll be going this year I'm sure. We had SO MUCH FUN!! :)

We saw our friends Adrian and Cole at the zoo and found out they have passes too. Hopefully we'll go with them sometime soon! :)

This is Mommy's friend, Shannon, from Teen Mania and her daughter, Eden. We bumped into them at the zoo. Shannon lives in Nashville, but she and Mommy hadn't seen each other for over 5 years! Hopefully, we'll have a play date with them soon!

The petting zoo freaked Mommy out a bit. . .
The goats were too close for comfort!
Goodbye Kisses :)

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kyle and molly said...

How fun! I can't wait until the twins and I can join you guys for days like this!