Monday, October 19, 2009

Random. . .

These are pictures from a couple weeks ago. Mommy was so busy working on assignments for school she didn't have a chance to post.

Return of the hawk! :)

Monkey kisses . . .
Nose kisses :)
This is my Aunt Sarah. . . as you can see, I get my RiGhT dimple from her! :)

These were taken at Uncle Kyle's 30th birthday party. He's one of the OLDEST people I KNOW!! :)
Aunt Molly, Daddy and I . . .
One of Mommy's favorite smiles. . .

My pouty face :(

This pic was taken this morning. . . Mommy packed my duck full of toys, put on my snow hat, and pulled me around the house. We were pretending it was a dog sled! :) As you can see, my duck is quite versatile. . . :)

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