Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mommy and Daddy's Night in Atlanta

Allen and I ventured south (baby-less) to Atlanta to see U2 in concert and hear his mentor, Gerrit Gustafson, speak at the Catalyst Conference. We had such a great time just being together with no distractions. . . Unfortunately, we didn't take many pictures, but we made lots of memories! :)
Love is a temple, Love a higher law. . . :)
We stayed at the BeAuTiFuL Hotel Indigo. . . and loved every minute of it!

Though it may appear Allen is passionately worshiping God in the picture below, he's just falling on the bed as dramatically as possible. :) (wouldn't want you to be overly impressed by his spirituality) ;)

Yes, Allen has a pen stuck between his buttons. . . I find it charming in a 50-something-businessman kind of way! :)

View of the city from one of our windows. . .
View of the morning sky from our other window. . .
Home AT LAST! After being stuck in HoUrS and HoUrS of traffic. . . We felt like we'd never get to our baby. It was an emotional reunion for all 3 of us!! So glad to be together again!!


Michael, Adrian, Cole said...

LoVe the hotel! So, did you find yourself talking about Jonah the entire time? Whenever Michael and I getaway, the conversation always seems to venture back to Cole :-)
Looks like you guys had a great time and that Jonah had fun days as well.

Judah said...

i'm totally getting emotional reading this (and i'm sure you know why..)... so, does your room have double beds?
nice hotel & we're totally jealous we couldnt be with you guys,,, or even leave kids for a night!!!! ugh!