Sunday, August 22, 2010

Daddy's Ordination

Today was a sacred day in our family. Daddy was ordained. It was the fulfillment of many things, much too deep to speak of briefly. Mommy plans to write at some point about our journey here. . . to this place of surrender. We are so proud of my Dad! He is a devout lover of God, one of the purest servants of the kingdom we know. We're so glad we get to share this journey with him. We can't wait to see all God has in store!! :)

The entire service was dedicated to my Dad. . . It opened with a charge to him by his mentor Gerrit Gustafson. A charge was then given to the church by Pastor Gene Fant, and it concluded with the laying on of hands by the ordained men in the congregation and our family. Such precious moments we'll remember for a lifetime! We are so blessed to be surrounded on every side by genuine lovers of God!!

These are the sweet people we are currently serving at Shelby Avenue Baptist Church in East Nashville!

Three generations.

Jack and Mimi

Aunt Yay-Yay and Daddy
Gerrit and Hemmie . . . Our beloved mentors in the faith!
Where Daddy's faith originates. . .

This post is one of about 10 tonight. . . Make sure you check out the rest. We've been slacking lately. Our apologies to Mimi and Ethan. . . :)

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