Thursday, March 10, 2011

Letter to Eve

(A long-overdue letter to my daughter)

Eve Amelie, my precious girl . . .

I received the hope of you in the months preceding your conception. My spirit was peaked in God for your life and expectation grew in my heart.

In August, prior to the revelation of you, I was overcome by feminine energy. It was as if the world around me (and all that was in me) began to bloom. My eyes were opened to the beauty, grace and charm of the ordinary. All things feminine caught my attention . . . I even wore flowers in my hair, which felt quite appropriate for the season (an outward sign of an inward change).

I began to receive what I interpreted as whispers from heaven of your impending life- a single pink rose growing in our front lawn, a white hair bow I found on the ground while walking one day . . . I saw your name everywhere (even in the word “everywhere”, even in the word “even”). The name “Eve” infiltrated my life it seemed and brought chills with every recognition. (I will write more about the power and significance of your name later. It overturns my heart and beckons me in profound ways. . .)

When your Dad and I received confirmation of your life, through 2 pink lines on a little white stick, I felt confident you were with me . . . my girl. My sweet, charming, beautiful GIRL! Even the color of the lines on the test felt like a proclamation of your gender in my spirit. I had only used tests with blue caps and lines prior, but randomly bought a pink one this time . . . coincidence? Not to me.

My soul thundered at the revelation of your gender at our 15-week ultrasound. It was to me confirmation that I hear the voice of God and have the capacity to receive his word over my family and children (even through the most ordinary and seemingly unspiritual moments and events of life). My spirit was energized with a deep assurance that God is active in the processes of our earthly existence, that his intent and purposes loom weighty overhead, that he whispers of things to come to those who walk with him and hunger for his voice.

I sense the pleasure and joy of God in these days as he knits you together in the secret place. He delights in you, Eve. He dreams over you . . . You are his mercy manifest; his promise revealed; his heart extended. As we receive you, we receive more of him . . .

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