Saturday, April 23, 2011

Eve Belly 37 Weeks

As you can see, my fetal girth is out of control! :) Technically, this child could be in my body for another 5 weeks without intervention. Can you even fathom how big I'd be at that point? The funny thing is I carry my kids like this, but in the end they aren't typically that large . . . Well, so far I only have one to compare to. . . he was just 7lbs. Who knows, Eve could exceed his weight, but for some reason I doubt it. Wonder if the gypsy saw me today if he'd predict Eve's birth weight to be 5lbs 10oz. :)

And here's a glimpse of our girl in action! Jonah NEVER moved like this . . . If her movement in the womb is any indication of her personality, I'd say she's going to be a LOT like me. :)


Layne Heller said...

You look great, Jessica! Big bellies are best. =)Can't wait for Eve's arrival. May it be a blessed time and healthy delivery.

Todd said...

I'm gonna have to AGREE with the other commenter Jessica.You do look GREAT and BIG bellies are BEST!!!!!As a matter of fact,I would say that you have one of the most AWESOMELY BEAUTIFUL baby bellies I've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!