Sunday, July 27, 2008

Images of Baby Willis

Our journey toward parenthood is illuminating the mysteries of the divine hidden in the human experience. As we monitor the development of our tiny baby, we are awed by the complexities of existence . . . the intricate and miraculous weaving of body, soul, and spirit in the secret place.

We had the opportunity to glimpse the life unfolding in my womb on Friday morning. Tears streamed down our faces as the grainy image of our baby appeared on the screen before us. We absorbed the beating of his/her tiny heart (142/bpm), soaking it into our souls. It was a moment in time that will never leave us . . . the first tangible sign of the life springing forth from our love.

Above is a snapshot of our ultrasound. Baby Willis is facing left. The hollow circle to the right is the yolk sac, its primary source of nourishment until week ten (or so I’ve read). If you look closely, you can see his/her profile . . . eye spot, nose, open mouth. . . I could stare at it for hours!


jae lindsay & aaron said...

hey there, jae lindsay here, I just wanted to say congratulations to you both. As a fellow blogger, I started looking for other people who enjoyed it as well, and I found your page. Your writings on pregnancy, God's amazing miracle, a new life, and new parenthood are so captivating. You truly have a beautiful way with words. Wishing you (and the new family) all the best -

Anonymous said...

Aww....Jes, you write so beautifully! I love you, girl, and am totally stoked about the idea of you being a mother....This baby is going to be one blessed child!

Michael, Adrian, & Cole said...

I too remember the tears streaming down our faces as we saw/heard Cole's heartbeat for the first time...the most beautiful sound. Our prayers are with you. Soak up EVERY moment...nine months will pass quickly!

Jennifer said...

awww how precious, the miracle of life growing inside, its an amazing feeling and sight huh?