Friday, July 11, 2008

Reveling in New Worlds

The life that grows in my womb is awakening new worlds in my soul. I sense the pleasure of God hovering over my body and filling my belly as he crafts our baby with merciful hands. . . meticulously weaving the fiber of his/her being. He is fashioning our child with purpose. His plans exceed the scope of our insight and imagination. . .

He is more.

I cannot describe the joy that brings warm, salty tears to my eyes and causes my heart to swell within my chest. I feel more aware now, than ever before, of God’s love and attentiveness as he strategically crafted me in my mothers womb and orchestrated my days. He has remained present, despite my disposition- whether clinging tightly to his promises or abandoning them in search of more.

Truly, he is faithful and merciful.

He is our God, and it will be an honor to awaken future generations to the reality of his truth. . . the truth that crafted all creation and spills into the deepest recesses of every soul.

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Joey and Nikki said...

Jess, I emailed you but I'm not sure if it went through...will you let me know:)