Thursday, November 20, 2008

on the brink of 25 weeks

Jonah and I are becoming experts at packing-on-the-pounds. . . 24 and counting (we're up 6 from our last belly post).

This one's for Tarah. . . she specifically asked to see me with clothes on. LoL! And she likes my belly in stripes. :) Love you, Tar!


Anonymous said...

Hey sweet girl, long time no see. You look beautiful! I know how excited you must be to see your beautiful baby boy, oh, how I rememebr counting the weeks. My prayers are with you. I hope him and Ethan can be good friends.

Elena Clayton

John, Angela, and Briley Barker said...

Briley says "ah ew gooo ga ah wweah rbha ba" which I'm translating to mean Ms. Jessica is pretty and Jonah looks good in stripes.