Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Morning

Last night, Santa came . . . (our tree looks like an inside out Oreo)This morning in a sleepy stupor I explored what he brought. . .
I was mostly expressionless. . .
but I managed to muster a smile here and there. . . It really was too early for so much excitement.
My first remote control car. I'm a bit terrified of it, so I had to sit with Daddy.
Beaming with excitement!

A foreshadowing of things to come. . . Or Mum attempting to pass off her duties in the kitchen.
Sushi! :) YUM!
So cultured!

A puzzle, my favorite these days.

Food I can cut (do you see a theme)?
I'm much more prone to try plastic or wooden food than real food. It's actually baffling that I enjoy pretending to eat so much because it's definitely not one of my favorite real-life things to do!

My favorite gift of all (or so it seemed) . . . My Where's Daddy book. :)

And the true highlight of the morning . . . ba-ba's with milkies
Mommy and Daddy aren't huge fans of morning Christmas. . . They're both accustomed to celebrating on Christmas Eve night. We did that last year but flexed this year do to our overwhelming list of parties to hit over the next few days. We will NEVER do morning again! Even if we have to celebrate two nights before Christmas. It's not nearly as much fun!

Cheers to family and memories and most of all, the birth of our Savior!

Happy Birthday, Jesus! :)

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