Sunday, December 5, 2010

Johnson, Webster, Willis Christmas!

Saturday night we celebrated the season with our friends at the Johnson's. It was our first formal friend Christmas gathering, which I'm sure will become a yearly tradition! :)

Allen's wassail (one of our family traditions). He seasoned to taste instead of using the recipe this time, and it was the best he's ever made!!
Look at Lindsey's turkey!! Quite impressive!

The kids had a gift exchange. :)
Look at this tutu! Can't wait for Adeline to share her fashion sense with Eve! :)

Baby Elsie is due December 31st. . . Kristen looks AMAZING!

My girl! :)
Lydia will be such an incredible big sister!! :)

Thanks to Linz for these amazing photos! :)

And here are a few from our camera. . .
Our little musician.

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