Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's a BoY!!! :)

Jonah Elliot, our BeAuTiFuL BABY BoY! :)

The cutest bottom in the world. . . :)

Jonah sucking his thumb. . . :)

Jonah worshiping. . . I love that little hand! :)

Jonah's ear. . . :)

Jonah's fingers. . . :)

Jonah's fist. . . :)

Jonah's feet. . . :)


Jennifer said...

I love that name, congrats girl!

Joey and Nikki said...

Uhhhhh!!! I love this day for you!!! Baby Jonah!

John, Angela, and Briley Barker said...

You are going to make an awesome baby boy!! I can't wait to meet Jonah soon:) Enjoy the fun of just finding out!

Michael, Adrian, Cole said...

Yay!! Jessica, be ready for this little boy to steal your heart (if he hasn't already!). I'm so happy to see that everything is well...now comes the fun of decorating and buying all those precious little boy clothes! I also love the name...congrats!

jenilee said...

Oh! Jess!! I am soooo excited for you!! I can't believe your half way there already!! Your ultrasound photos were so perfect! So clear and discipherable! He is so precious! And I am sure he will be a worshipper. What does his name mean? What are you prophesying over his life through it? I love it! Ok, lets talk... call me, just call when you find a moment. Saturday Stephen will be helping cleanup hurricane wreckage but I will be free. Please call... lets connect before you have this kiddo. i have to tell you an awesome story of a girl who followed a suggesiton I gave her for her baby they are having and it led to the Lord revealing some really cool stuff. I was astonished and thrilled at how faithful the Lord is! I would love to tellyou about it and hear all your highlights so far. Please call??!!! Love you! Text me with a time I can call you if that's easier, or times its easier to catch you. Love love!!

Brandon & Jennifer said...

That's so cool!!