Sunday, October 26, 2008

pirate ship pumpkin :)

We’ve had such a relaxing, magical day. . . After church we played Frisbee by the lake, skipped stones on the water, cuddled and chatted under a weeping willow tree. The cool, crisp air revived our senses. On the way home, we picked up a pumpkin to carve for Jonah. Allen's family never participated in traditional Halloween festivities, so it was his first experience with pumpkin carving. It brought back a flood of childhood memories for me and observing the novelty of it for him was so much fun! Cheers to love, family and Fall. . . a season that mystically invites us to revel in the wonders of creation and unleashes a flood of childlike bliss in the human soul!

Allen's scary pirate face. . . arrgh! :)


John, Angela, and Briley Barker said...

That is too cute!! Jonah's pumpkin rocks...or sails:)

Joey and Nikki said...

you guys are like poets made for distant lands, yet dwelling in these..
your husband looks just like this drummer at IHOP that we see a lot online...:)
chat soon... (midwife appointment today, yours soon right? early nov.)

Michael, Adrian, Cole said...

Lovely pumpkin! You should've placed a small pumpkin beneath Allen's shirt and taken a could've been twins :-) Just wait until Jonah gets here...the little things like pumpkin carving take on such new meaning and are so much FUN!! We can't wait to see how Cole handles trick-or-treating this year. Last year, we dressed him as a scarecrow. He rode in his little car and waved at people as we strolled around the neighborhood...Michael and I ended up eating all the candy we collected :-)