Sunday, July 19, 2009

LoTs of JoNaH. . . :)

Sorry it's been so long since our last post. Mommy crashed our computer again, and it took Daddy a few days of trial and error to fix it. I think her desperate attempt to capture every detail of my life is taking a toll on our hard drive! :)

I weighed 17lbs and measured 25 1/2 inches long at my 4 month checkup! The nurse gave me lots of shots and made Mommy and I cry again! :(


John, Angela, and Briley Barker said...

So sweet! I love the pictures of you guys at sundown - so sweet! We need to hook you up with an external hard drive...we had to do that after about 4 months too:)

Also, I have no clue how you did it, but the picture of him standing and holding up that outfit is TOO perfect! Watch out baby gap, here comes Jonah!

deborah kinnett said...

he is too cute he sure is getting big hes about the same weight as mine but mine is smaller and mine is 10 months old mine started crazline last monday

many peaces said...

these are SO cute! i can't wait to see him again!