Thursday, July 2, 2009

CeLeBrAtInG JoNaH!

My mommy found out I was growing in her belly 1 year ago today. She said everything in her world and soul has been rearranged since then. I'm awakening depths of love in her heart she never knew existed. . . Aunt Molly surprised me after my nap yesterday!Taking pictures of me is one of Mommy's favorite past times. . . (actually these days it seems it's her only past time). :)Last night, Mommy and Daddy introduced me to one of their favorite Summer events in Nashville. . . Movies in the Park! It was so much fun! We went with our friends Mr. John, Mrs. Angela and Briley and met Aunt Molly and our Musgrove cousins there!
Here's a few pictures of Mommy and I playing this morning. As you can see, my legs are getting very strong! Mommy thinks I might start walking before I even learn to roll over!

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John, Angela, and Briley Barker said...

Oh my gosh- he is just precious standing there! Thanks for inviting us to play in the park with you guys. I know Briley enjoyed it and she for sure LOVED Jonah and all of his cousins:)