Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Moss Wright Park

Two posts in one week!! I hear our followers gasping! (that is if we still have any) ;)

Today we went to Moss Wright Park and discovered a new playground. We've gone several times before for walks with friends but never saw this part. . . not sure how me missed it. Moss Wright is so gorgeous, full of mature trees (which we especially love in Fall).

An older woman at the park thought I was a little girl today. . . Perhaps it's time for a haircut! Now to convince Daddy. . . ;)

Jonah is quite adventurous these days! He loves being outside, collecting sticks, climbing any and everything, throwing sand and dirt and mulch, swinging, kicking balls, running. . . He's all boy, and I love it! Seeing him evolve is one of the greatest joys of my life!

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Adrian said...

Oh girl, the Moss Wright playground is a favorite of ours! During the summer there's a creek that runs behind it. . . perfect for cooling off and letting the little ones play :) Let's go together one day!