Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Catch Up Post. . .

Sorry, my blog was hijacked by my parents to commemorate their love. :) You missed an entire week of my life. . . Here's a bit of a flashback.

On Wednesday nights we spend time with Mrs. Alyson and Mr. Matt discussing the ins and outs of our church plant. It's quickly become a highlight of our week. A little boy named Elias spent the night with them one Wednesday, so I had a friend to play with. We had lots of fuN!

Here are pics of baby Bella. Aunt Rachel, Mommy and I spent time with her last week. I can't believe how little she is! Mommy says holding her and looking at me makes her want to cry. She can't believe how quickly I've evolved!

I love little babies, but I'd rather not share my Mommy. . . :)

Lunch at Cracker Barrel
And these were taken tonight. . . Daddy bathed me and gave me a CrAzY mOhAwK. He says the ladies will love it! :)


Eric Willis said...

He is truly my favorite person.

John, Angela, and Briley Barker said...

Jonah - tell your mom and dad to get their own blog:) I love your mohawk and think you are getting so big. I hope to see you soon!