Monday, February 8, 2010

HaPpY 29th, Aunt MoLLY!!

We celebrated Aunt Molly's 29th birthday Friday night with the family at Mimi and Popi's.

My cousins are really growing!! :) We love Aunt Molly's belly!!

Like my hawk? Uncle E and I were reading during the party (no time for games). . . We're so scholarly. :)

The table. . . Mimi is so creative!
A serious conversation between Dad and Uncle E, not sure what it was about, but if I had to take a guess (judging by the expression on Dad's face), I'd say it was rather deep and philosophical. :)
Popi taught me a fun way to read Skippy Jon Jones. . . When he goes "up" I lift the book over my head. . .
And when he goes "down" I bring the book to the floor. . . Popi makes reading so much fun!
Popi also taught me how to match shapes on this toy (not sure what it's called). Some say I'm brilliant (but they're all related to me). ;)
Everyone cheers when I match a shape to its hole, and I smile REALLY big! :)
Popi's boy. :)

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