Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day. . . :)

This Valentine's Day we spent a
romantic night in the city
celebrating the love and life we share. . .

Allen scored major points!
A pre-dinner rendezvous at Rumba,
dinner at Germantown Cafe
(with its extraordinary food and view!),
and a room at Hotel Indigo.

It was a welcomed escape from the ordinary.
Spending time entirely alone. . .
reminiscing of the past
and dreaming aloud of all the future may hold.

Our room!

The view from Germantown. . .
Cheers to my best friend and lifetime love,
to what has been and all that's yet to come!

1 comment:

Adrian said...

What a beautiful evening! Glad you enjoyed spending some much deserved 'alone' time together. Cheers to love indeed!