Saturday, February 20, 2010

Crockett Park

We spent the day with the Johnson family. It was WoNdErFuL! Mom and Mrs. Lindsey went to ENCORE, a huge consignment sale in Brentwood, while Mr. Jeremy, Daddy, Adeline and I went to Cracker Barrel and Barnes and Noble for story time. Then we went to Famous Dave's for lunch and took a stroll through Crockett Park. We took LOTS of pictures and most turned out GREAT but our camera deleted EvErY one of ThEM (we're talking hundreds!). . . Evidentially, Aunt Sarah isn't to blame for the loss of my walking video. . . Our SIM card must be overworked and ready to retire (imagine that?!). . . Mommy didn't know whether to scream or cry (I think she did both!) Here are some pictures we took with Mrs. Lindsey's camera. Thank goodness we have these to remember our day!! :)

I'm teething (cutting 2 on the bottom). This picture was taken pre-teething tabs. . .
Adeline's BEAUTIFUL hat!! Daddy's not a fan of this pic but Mommy is (she likes feathers!)!! :)

These were taken at lunch. . . :)

We LOVE, love baby Adeline!! I couldn't stop hugging her!


Lindsey said...

I am mourning the loss of the photos with you!!! There were so many gorgeous ones and mine pale in comparison. I'm glad we at least got some of them! It was a wonderful day!

Adrian said...

Encores and More North will be at Rivergate in a few weeks. . . I can't wait to do some shopping! Hope you found some great deals!
Looks like such a fun day!