Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mommy's Night Out

Last night I had a date with the girls. . . After sushi at Fuji, we ventured over to Sips n Strokes with the goal of tapping into our creative energy. For those of you who haven't done it, I HIGHLY recommend it!!

Lindsey and me. . .
Laura and Rachel
Don't we look like masters in the making?? ;)
Stage 1
Stage 2 . . . As our class progressed our personalities were exposed on the canvas (and through our stress levels). Type A's had knots in their stomachs as they stroke-by-stroke attempted to perfectly replicate Van Gogh. Type B's, on the other hand, painted entirely relaxed, often veering from the original and stroking wildly. Lindsey and I discussed this phenomena at the end of the night and concluded that my B-ness manifests as deep seeded rebellion. ;) Tell me to draw a line, I'll draw a circle. Tell me to paint a star, I'll paint a sunflower. Rules and exceptions go hand in hand (at least in my world). I still can't decide if I should feel convicted about this tendency. . . ;)
Stage 3
The final product! ;)

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Adrian said...

LOVE them! Although I already know that my Type A persona would rule, I NEED to try this. I love all things creative and the opportunity to explore my artistic side once again would be divine (I was skilled in watercolor, pastels, charcoal, and calligraphy. . .wished I would've kept it up!).