Friday, July 23, 2010

Random. . .

Such a BIG BOY!

Wedding planning with Aunt Yay-Yay! :)
Buffalo Wild Wings with the girls from the Animal Clinic
Like my new hair? Mimi touched it up last night. . . I look like my Daddy, HuH?!

Yay-Yay Kisses
Not sure why Mommy takes so many pictures of me in my carseat. . . boring! :)
Mommy kisses (I wasn't thrilled)
The only pictures Mommy and I get together are the ones we take of ourselves. . . ;)

Sorry so many of the same pic. . . I have so many expressions, Mommy couldn't resist! :)

1 comment:

Jennifer MIllard said...

Crazy!! I usually think Jonah looks like you with allens mouth but I dont know with this hair cut lol.