Monday, April 5, 2010

Backyard Burger

Mommy and I met Aunt Sarah, cousin Dawson and his friend Bryson for lunch today at Backyard Burger. It was so much fun!

Mommy thinks I look so much like my Aunt Sarah!!

I liked the treehouse from a distance, but I definitely didn't want to climb through it. Just sitting in it creeped me out! :)

Cousin Dawson is getting his tonsils removed tomorrow. . . I think he's a bit worried about the surgery. It really shows on his face in this picture. . . Mommy loves his eyes. They're so expressive!
After lunch, Mommy took me to the park to feed the ducks and go for a walk. We stopped by the swings as well (my favorite part). It was sweltering hot! Over 90 degrees I think. . . We sweat like pigs! But had so much fun! :)

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Adrian said...

Cole STILL doesn't like to climb in those play areas :) Glad you enjoyed a fun lunch!

Let's get together soon!
* Our MOPS group is planning a playdate at the zoo next Wednesday, April 14 if the weather is nice. Wanna join us??