Monday, April 12, 2010

Radnor Lake

(3 more blogs. . . It's tough to keep up! Lots and lots of pics, probably too many!) ;)

After church yesterday, we met Lindsey, Jeremy and Adeline at Radnor Lake for a hike. It was a last minute plan so we weren't dressed appropriately, but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Definitely want to do it again soon!

We stumbled across a man carving a walking stick. . . Sticks are one of Jonah's favorite things (in all shapes and sizes), so we let him try it out. He looked like Moses ;) So cute!!

Cheers to a last minute rendezvous with friends. . . and nature! :) What a lovely day!

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Joshua and Stephanie said...

Your family is just too cute Jessica! I can't wait till Gideon is walking around!! How much I love my boyz! Yes, Joshua and I would love to have a large family and are trusting the Lord...I'm not sure when the next one will be coming...but I hope it isn't too far spread from his brother...he could use not being so spoiled. :-) How about you guys? Gonna be having another one in the future? I remember reading the post about your loss last year and it broke my heart...but the Lord knows why...that's what we can hold onto...even though it still hurts. Do you guys want a big family?
That is so crazy about Molly being surprised...I don't blame her though I'd do the same. We didn't find out about Gideon and it was fun. So will Amber make another girl or boy one if thats what they are?