Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Walking in the Park

Well, it's official. . . Our baby is WaLkInG! He took his first steps on January 22nd and has been practicing every since, but it is now his primary mode of transit. He stands entirely on his own, no need to pull up. He almost never crawls. We are in awe of his new found strength and confidence. He's been moving like this for over a week (since his big fall at the hospital) and it still catches us off guard. . . There's no sound I love more than the pitter-patter of his tiny feet.

This footage was taken yesterday at the park, which has become part of our daily routine now that the weather is nice. Jonah LOVES being outside!

3 comments: said...

What a big boy!!! I can't believe how well he can get up all by himself. I love the way he was pulling the bread off and dropping it for the ducks. So big!

Adrian said...

We were there yesterday as well. We'll meet sometime and let the boys explore :)

Such a big boy!!

kyle and molly said...

Holy moly! He's amazing!