Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Friday with Luke

We spent Friday with Mrs. Nicole (one of Mommy's best friends from childhood) and Luke (her son). . .

They gave me a birthday present! Such a fun surprise!

And Mrs. Nicole brought bubbles. . . one of my favorite things!

This is a random boy we met at the park. . . I shared my new blocks with him and pretended he was my big brother! :)
I was eager to play with him, but he was more interested in my blocks.
Mrs. Nicole caught me kissing Mommy! :)

This is a pregnant lady we met in the park. Mommy couldn't believe how perfect her body was. . . she really should be in a magazine. She's due at the end of May. She's Mommy's inspiration for her next pregnancy!
A healthy lunch a Backyard Burger. . .
Pinky slightly elevated, so proper (with the exception of the propped foot)!
Luke and I have the same eyes! :)

Luke showed me how to crawl through the treehouse at Backyard Burger! It was so much fun! Almost like I had a big brother! :)

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Nicole McDougal said...

I love all these pics and the video. Makes me smile! :)